I make pictures with a digital SLR, my grandfather's 1934 twin-lens reflex Rolleicord, a Holga CFN 120 medium format camera and a Holgaroid back. I use two deconstructed flatbed scanner arrays to make line-scans (Scanograph, 2007). I also make Holgaroid image transfers, use digital manipulation and am about to start experimenting with anthotypes.
I also make work as part of "What They Could Do, They Did", an art group based in South London

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Star and Stripes

"I recently discovered 'The Star Spangled Banner' by the Cocteau Twins and it made me feel like my eyes were made out of glitter. Another piece a friend used to play to me (torturously) was Morton Feldman's piece for Philip Guston which made my eyeballs feel itchy like I wanted to scratch them out. It was strange to be made to feel my eyes by music. "

proposal from Mira Mattar